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Homewatch Suncoast

Sarasota, FL

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Homewatch Suncoast is the premiere, full-service service provider for absentee and seasonal homeowners. With over 25 years of experience in real estate, Homewatch Suncoast

is one of the premier property watch services in the state for taking care of unoccupied homes.

Offering unparalleled, personal service to homeowners, this home caretaker service offers over 40 premium services to its clients during its customized, regularly-scheduled home checks.

Homewatch Suncoast's basic service provides
  • Home-monitoring and home care

  • Home Check services

  • Problem identification

  • Problem management

  • Maintenance

  • State-of-the-art GPS, real-time reporting

  • Peace of mind

Service Plans
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or full-service concierge programs are available

  • Specialized, customizable service plans are available for a wide array of needs

Basic Home Check

Learn more about our basic home watch check by reviewing the list below that details the provided coverage for over 20 different areas of the home

  • Check mail box and bring in mail (if applicable)

  • Check front of property for papers and items left at front door

  • Water pots on front and back patios (if applicable)

  • Check of landscaping to see that plants are healthy and are being maintained

  • Visual check of exterior of building walking entire perimeter checking windows, doors and sides of building for any potential problems

  • Check for signs of pest and insect infestation around the exterior of home

  • Visual check of pool and spa

  • Walk interior perimeter and check for problems

  • Check for signs of pest and insect infestation on the interior of home

  • Run water in all sinks, bathtubs and showers to keep traps from drying out and prevent sewer gases from entering your home. Close all drains after use

  • Check under all sinks for leaks

  • Flush and brush all toilets

  • Check air conditioning/heating for proper operation

  • Run water through refrigerator drinking water line (if applicable)

  • Run garbage disposal to lubricate and maintain applicance

  • Water interior plants (if applicable)

  • Check ceilings and skylights for any signs of roof leaks

  • Check laundry room for leaks

  • Pour water into washing machine drain once a month to prevent sewer gases from entering home

  • Check hot water heater for any signs of leaks

  • Check soft water tank for salt (if applicable)

  • Change air filters as requested

  • Start and run car(s) during home check (if applicable)

Homewatch Suncoast uses a GPS enabled application to provide you with real time detailed reports when checking your home as well as the confidence of knowing our team was actually in your home at the time of reporting.