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Although the basic service package will serve most homeowners, Homewatch Suncoast offers individualized services that are customized for the specific need of the homeowner and their explicit period of absence. Our premium services are designed to make owning a second home, vacation home or winter home more enjoyable and worry-free.

Services can be provided:
  • Individually

  • Within the scheduled home checks

  • As needed

Vendor (referrals to qualified vendors)
  • Handyman

  • House cleaning

  • Gardening/Landscaping

  • Pool care

  • Window washing

  • Pest control

  • Carpet cleaning

General Maintenance
  • Change air filters

  • Change batteries in smoke detectors and thermostats

  • Water plants

  • Clean patios and walkways

  • Change defective light bulbs

  • Run all sprinklers and bubblers to ensure functionality

  • Run vehicle(s) while at house

  • Run washing machine and dryer once per month

  • Take garbage cans to street and return them after your stay

Home Entry
  • Meeting contractors or other vendors at your home

  • Meeting guests at your home

  • Lockout services

  • Arrange for food and beverage before the arrival of homeowner

  • Forward important letters or packages as requested

  • Received packages

Car Drive

  • Will start and drive car (distance based on customer (mechanic) recommendation)

*Fees for all the above services are either based on individual or on a per hour basis 
*Services can be put on hold or recommence at any time with just a phone call or email

Homewatch Suncoast uses a GPS enabled program to provide you with detailed reports in real time.

There is a HomeWatchIT video provided here for more detailed information about this system.

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