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What is a Home Watch service and why would I need one?

A home watch service is an extremely important service for the seasonal resident.  There are too many issues which can occur when a home is left unattended for any length of time.  Many insurers are now requiring regularly scheduled home visits for seasonal homeowners, please check with your insurer to determine if this is required and the frequency.  These home visits consist of regularly-scheduled home checks of both the interior and exterior of unoccupied homes. Homewatch Suncoast uses a detailed, customized, GPS enabled checklist to ensure all areas are properly checked and items documented such as:

  • Humidity and temperature are at proper levels

  • Check for interior/exterior pest infestation

  • There are no signs of leaks or mold

  • Pool and spa are being properly maintained

  • Landscaping is being properly maintained

  • Check for signs of vandalism

  • Check for storm damage

Why can't a friend or neighbor take care of my home? 

Friends and neighbors can be very helpful feeding pets and taking in the mail, but they may not have what it takes to truly check your home for a variety of issues.  With Homewatch Suncoast you will have the security of knowing that we are thoroughly checking your home at regular intervals and sending you real-time reports with our GPS enabled reporting software.  Our fee is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Why Homewatch Suncoast?

Homewatch Suncoast is an insured, bonded Home watch company.  We are accredited with the NHWA (National Home Watch Association) you can click on their logo to learn more about the association.  This is our full time business and we aim to be the premier Home Watch company on the Suncoast.

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