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Hurricane Irma was a game changing event in the Homewatch Industry. Even longtime Florida residents were ill-prepared to deal with Hurricane Irma. For absentee homeowners it was especially challenging. If they did not have a Homewatch Company they had no idea what was going on with their home. If they did have a Homewatch Company they found out that many had evacuated and weren’t able to get to their customers properties for some time. At Homewatch Suncoast we were able to get out the next day and take photos of our customers homes which gave them peace of mind!


If a “Hurricane Watch” is issued for the Sarasota County area we will take the following steps and abide by County requirements in performing these services.


Pre-Hurricane preparation services:


- Interior and exterior checklist and photos

- Remove and secure Lanai furniture

- Shutter installation by qualified vendor

Post-Hurricane services: 


- Interior and exterior checklist and photos

- Replace Lanai furniture

- Shutter Removal and storage

* for current Home Watch clients

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